What is best for hanging curtain; Ceiling or Window?

What is best for hanging curtain; Ceiling or Window?

Hanging curtain is genuinely simple. What is difficult is to find out where to hang the curtain. The height at which the curtain is hanged can change the entire appearance of the room. It can be hanged from the ceiling covering the door or over the window. For a different designation, the effect will be different. The right height at which your curtain should be hanged in order to provide your room with the most decent look depends on—design of your window, window covering, height o the ceiling, door to be covered with the curtain, etc. windows and doors richmond hill

Style of Windows and Doors Richmond Hill

It is better to hang the curtain on the door if it doesn’t match with the window style. Doing the decoration that does not go with the décor of your room cannot do anything good. However, if your window is surrounded with over-elaborated trim, it is foolishness to cover it with a curtain hanging on the door, hiding the amazing texture and a thing that can work as a centre of attraction for your room. Let it show off hanging the curtain within the frame of the window. You can even buy dazzling Windows and Doors Richmond Hill to add to the beauty.

Ceiling height for hanging the curtain on the door

For a room with a ceiling at a height of 8 feet, any of the two draping method can work well. For draping a window which is carved in the wall such that the distance between the top of the window and the ceiling is more than 12 inches, the drapery should be drooped 4-6 inches above the window trim. If the distance between the top of the window and the ceiling is not 12 inches at least, draping a curtain at window level may highlight the limited space. For such room, hanging the curtains at the top of the wall or at the ceiling can do the work. In this way, the wall can be optically elevated. To sum up, hang the curtains from the ceiling in case the distance between the window trim and the ceiling is little. richmond hill windows and doors

Analysis of visual effects

Hanging the curtain at the ceiling point can provide several benefits. It maximizes the light radiating from the window. It makes the entire room feel larger than it actually is, as the wall looks taller. Therefore, draping curtain at ceiling level is ideal for a small room which is the case with a large room. Draping curtains at window level can allow you to use shorter curtain with a pleasant view of fabric pooling on the floor. The curtain cannot pool down on the floor when hung on the ceiling unless the length of the curtains is long enough. Remember, while draping Windows and Doors Richmond Hill; measure them with awareness before purchasing the curtains. We recommend people to hang a long curtain from the ceiling as it looks much more appealing.