Know About These Engagement Rings before Getting Engaged

Know About These Engagement Rings before Getting Engaged

Marriage the probably the most auspicious occasion in the lives of both man and woman. A new life with a new person deeply in love with each other and all prepared to ride the chariot of eternity. Before stepping in the day of marriage, couples get engaged and it is during the day of engagement that they exchange engagement rings. The rings that they promise to wear for the rest of their lives. Do you want to know about the different types of engagement rings? You would be wrong to think that there is only one kind of engagement ring in the universe because it is not. There are different types of engagement rings available in Toronto jewellery stores and there is no limit to how it can be made because all rings are customizable these days.  

Here is a guide to the different types of engagement rings:

Although there are different types of engagement rings, choosing the right one is very important, the one that fits you the best. toronto jewellers

The Prong and Solitaire setting

This is the most common setting and also a classic ring with different types of shapes. It is a diamond ring and the work of the prong is to hold the diamond claw tightly in its place. They can be rounded, V-shaped and even pointed. This type of setting elevates the diamond making it more noticeable.

Tiffany setting

This setting was developed by Tiffany and Co and this diamond ring can be distinguished mainly by its knife edge of the shaft of the ring and also the unique design that can be found in its prongs. This design helps in amplifying the light reflection and additionally, it also helps in keeping and maintaining the diamond well. jewellers in Toronto

The Bezel setting

These types of engagement rings in Toronto jewellery stores is known to be the second most popular setting because of its modern and classic look. The setting is slightly different from the prong style of setting. This ring is considered to be suitable for teachers, nurses who prefer rings that will not snag and will also hold the diamond in its place. The Bezel setting is known to protect the diamond from getting damaged.

The Channel Setting

This type of setting makes it more prominent for the smaller diamond rings to fit in the band of the ring. This means there will be a channel of small diamonds within the top portion of the ring giving it a sparkling look. This design helps in protecting the diamond and also secured it from the outside forces.  

Halo setting

This is an interesting form of setting where the main diamond stone is placed in the center while being enclosed by gemstones in concentric circles around it. The name of the ring is kept on the basis of its shape. Diamond, as you know is the most precious stone and a perfect match for making engagement rings in Toronto jewellery stores, but with the increase of fraud everywhere, it is no longer easy to get the best diamond by just one question. Examine the authenticity before you purchase diamond jewelry.